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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Derby inspiring the blog today…..hats and decorations...

I do love a good hat and Derby gives such an opportunity to put one on…..I love a great occasion to wear a great hat- weddings, ground breaking's, parties that have themes that connect to hats.  My first hat was a navy blue felt Laura Ashley hat.  This recent Downton Abbey Season took me right back to that look I wore so well in 1984!  The hat of today for this year's Derby party- last year's.  I love it that much- white with the monogram! I may put a new ribbon/scarf on it- come to the party and see! I have a new dress- not new new but not seen at Derby.  I bought it at Keeneland….ahh a visit to Keeneland is another hat wearing opportunity!!  You do not need to wear a dress- it is the look I love, how I am comfy- there have been years I've stood in my closet 45 minutes before the party started and grabbed what I could find….what matched that year's hat.  My favorite was the Amy Hamilton hat I bought at HATSOFF in 2004….the dog ate that hat years ago.  I kept the pieces for awhile thinking I'd make a fascinator out of it.  So I was shopping yesterday and found a BEAUTIFUL hat at Anthropology!  The price is that one should have a number of occasions to wear the hat- not just our Derby party!  I heard a friend say she bought a fascinator- such a great way to do hats. Thank you Princess Kate!  The dog ate mine…I need a new one- fascinator not the dog I do love him.  He doesn't chew much but….  

While doing some work on Pintrest for the Works August 1st Festa Bianco party…I found the Derby Pin Board.  What great ideas. Sally is very interested in helping me decorate for the party. I'm happy to say we have no sporting events on Saturday so it will indeed be a family prep day!  We are prepping now- horses placed here and there.  The supplies rescued from the garage, basement flooding moved things.  Shopping lists and to-dos being checked off….we can't wait! Life on Newark-Granville Road loves a party and the Derby party is the queen of the road.

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