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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

more NY tales…..

So what else to share other than what, who and why we saw what we saw in NYC.  I will put in writing that the kids were really good. I'm not saying they were perfect but I really like to travel with my kids.  They've arrived at the age where we do have a vacation.  I use to call them family trips.  This started with Africa and has continued. It is very good positive reinforcement on their behalf- it makes us want to take them places!

They only real whining was connected to hunger and walking. Sarah and Matthew do you remember Dad taking us all over Philly looking for some restaurant..I feel like it was yesterday-we were teenagers.  I guess there was some of that going on the quest for NY pizza on Wednesday afternoon on the descent from Central Park to the hotel.  I joined in some of the frustration with Joe leading us around the American Natural History Museum- we were using his ap to see highlights and the kids were looking for Night at the Museum and it didnt' jive and covered a lot of ground. We were warned it is a big place.

This was also a life lesson for the kids that what you see on TV, the movies, magazines isn't the real thing.  The movie set and story was inspired with lots of close connections but it is different.  Personally the lesson from King and I was the one I cherished from NYC. I read some involved deep analysis- but my take away was the line about a King doing his best, not always understanding and being prepared to do his job, but doing his very best.  And it worked- growth and love found their way not without pain and sacrifice but love carried the day.

I had no problem reaching my fit bit step goals- but a day of not working and sight seeing will do it! One day I doubled by goal and exceeded 20,000 steps- it buzzed twice on my wrist. The pizza really is the best in NYC. I do not fold mine but the kids had fun with those instructions.  Clare does not like the cab rides- the lurching. No one is declaring a need to move there in the future but I hope we'll visit again it was a wonderful family get away with quality bonding time.

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