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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lilly for Target fun!

No one was surprised we were the first in line at our Heath Target this morning.  I was- when turning the corner from 30th street I was anticipating a full parking lot- lol! Logically I didn't think that would be the case, but the 6 am conversation with Joe put me there!

As soon as I learned about Target for Lilly I was excited. I've loved these campaigns- the Liberty line still being my favorite.  I put the date in our outlook calenders so the woman taking our family photo smiled when she noticed the reminder on Joe's phone at 7:45 am.  As I researched the produce offerings and what I might like I also started developing strategies for our Sunday am shopping.

So here is what happened and why starting with last night….we scoped out the store! Know I love process and I was curious to how they go about setting up such a launch.  We noticed the green flamingos hanging from ceiling and knew they would be Lilly product locations- this was good for coaching Joe and Peter.  I knew we couldn't do girls, women's and home all at once so I recruited Joe and Peter.  Peter knew he was on pillow patrol- it worked- pillows went fast.   We had fun family laughs about me coaching Peter to box out the other shoppers.

Last night we stayed up until midnight hoping for on-line sales.  No luck. I took my computer and credit card to bed with me and woke up often to check- no luck.  6 am ish I was up with Clare at my side- no luck on sizes- one item of interest- good enough.  Joe wakes up and starts paying attention, the blogs and on-line chatter make him join the fun in a serious way.  He reports a NY store had people lined up last night.  He read a shopping strategy blog with the tip to forgo the latte for a better place in line. God love the man- he the told me-get dressed and get to the store- I'll get your coffee and meet you there!  Joe was always in my plan to be there to sprint to the Home section for the umbrella.  I'm glad he found his own way to support our Pink Sunday Shop!

So yes we were the first to arrive.  Charlotte, Clare, Sally and I pulled up to the front row parking. Every time we saw a car the girls dashed for the door for their spot.  Eventually it was easier to put down a blanket since we forgot our lawn chairs.  Coffee arrived and another shopper- nice to meet fellow Lilly lovers! Eventually it was time to get in line and join the girls, meet the others- Denison student from Pittsburgh with her Mom, other school friends and Moms, another mother daughter couple and another full family outing connected to our lives on Newark-Granville Road. Everyone happy and not surprised to see us there.  A woman who works at Vineyard Vines at Easton- she was talking about how nice Shep was- I inquired about the grand opening last week and bragged about Zanesville woodworkers connection!  A wonderful employee came to chat with us, then showed us cute product through the door- we all were getting excited.  She also snapped pictures as we made our way through the doors.

Once inside I was grateful for the small turn out- we all went a little happy.  Girls applied their stately nicely to reward- shorts, top and the dress Clare really wanted.  Sally needed my help and we found her a few things to make her smile and one to make her happy in the future when she grows a bit. We found our niece matching shorts to- bonus!  Flip flops make us all smile and we'll share the size 8 and 9s.  Peter was very proud of his pillow procurement.  He secured one he liked for his own room and TV watching. No umbrella for me- but when I joined Joe in that section I found a Mother's Day gift- lounge chair for Susan.  Look for it at Derby!! Beach towels and some odds and ends…..another walk around the store, chatting with friends- all fun!

We're also turning this into an economics lesson. Clare used a gift card I gave her to buy to resell. She had fun thinking about what to buy, debating product and prints. She is excited to do the research, work on the posts, see what happens.  We'll keep you posted.  Thanks for reading about a silly outing in the big scene of things in our lives in Newark-Granville Road!

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