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Friday, April 10, 2015

watching and waiting for the blooms- musings….

Welcome back forsythia!  Can you hear the word- Four- Sith-E-Ah…..a word I heard a lot growing up, was asked to spell…if you have been inside our home on Newark-Granville Road you know we (I) love yellow.  So no wonder I love forsythia. I also love daffodils- love!  And if you are from Granville and I feel like I am now don't you have to love daffodils!  I was happy to see the daffodil show sign up at bryn du!!

So what I'm pondering in my life on Newark-Granville Road, what I'm watching is what is blooming when and where.  And if you follow me on Facebook I am thinking about future snows….3 after the forsythia blooms….flurries count and yes flurries will still happen, in to May. We've had them for Derby.

(Commercial break: Derby party plans are coming together nicely- live music is back this year! May 2nd 4-8ish. Once invited always invited, know us- you are invited! We also hope you'll include Newark's FAMfest with your weekend planning- in particular may I encourage you to attend the Friday night event at the Midland!! for details- we're also offering a fun painting project for the kids!!)

So the forsythia are out- some places. I can't wait for them to bloom on the hill bank to Mt. Parnassus! Daffodils- many are here saying hello! I picked from The LeFevre Courtyard at The Works yesterday. Sally and I took in what bulbs look to have survived from the sewer project last year. I know various variations bloom at different times and I'm grateful for this. We want mother nature to stage our delight. Thank you April showers for greening up our town and waking up blooms, leaves and buds- we're ready and waiting on Newark-Granville Road.

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