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Friday, April 24, 2015

getting dressed with glass….

Tonight's art exhibit opening at The Works will be very special!  Talented and dear friends have united to showcase the rich historic glass industry and the connection to glass art, studio work. There are some amazing things to see and learn in the gallery and I hope you will join us!! 5-7 pm tonight.  The Work's Artist in Residence also has a glass show in the glass studio and has an installation at the historic jail!   I hope you'll click here and read this article and see the photos- well done Newark Advocate!!

So in my life in Newark-Granville Road I ponder things. When I select what I'm going to wear some days it makes me chuckle. Today I started with glass.  I actually have several pieces of glass in my jewelry collection and wanted to wear something to connect with the show tonight.  I stumbled on this piece from The Works that I love and don't wear.  I also put on the ring my mother game me for my birthday years ago- it has a torch work bead- that is actually changeable!  Often I get dressed shoes up and will so for Derby- rain boots- to ward off the rain!  Today I found the outfit to match the glass in my life on NG Road.

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