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Thursday, April 16, 2015

what is going on…...

busy busy….I know we're all too busy and my to-do pile has bloomed like the blooms on NG Road!! Isn't it wonderful to see the green and now flowers and tree blossoms!  Of course I'm at home at 9 am to change clothes. My spring-summer clothes too chilly for this damp day- going to find my rain boots and get out of the skirt.  I put on strappy wedges today to match my fun outfit at 6 am….glad I have time to adjust!  And do a quick blog update as it has almost been a week!

I posted a fun photo on the blog from NY- I'll do one more update soon to give you the rest of the story of the photo and capture anything else from the trip before I make this site Derby update central!!  Life is good on NG road- I'm savoring the multiple moments this busy wonderful life on Newark-Granville life provides.

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