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Saturday, November 14, 2015

choose people….

I left my desk yesterday at 4:25 pm- walked away, computer on, folders open, projects started and not tucked away…it was time to (actually past time) get to the Denison Museum's event with the Vail artist,   Regina Carter.  I saw this opportunity on Friday morning and seized the chance.  A new coworker said- let me know when you are going, I'll go with you.  I'm glad he said that- it made me walk out the door.

I thought I'd go back and and wrap up the day….but the women's basketball game started at 6 and I went there instead- Joe joined me.  It was nice to sit with him and watch the game.  I had the great opportunity to meet Denison basketball parents for the men's program.  Kids joined us for the scrimmage and dinner. I met wonderful people.  I never got back to my desk.

8:15 this morning- time to volunteer at church.  I didn't do much- my role was to bus tables and greet, talk and engage with FPC's Presbyterian Women's Harvest Fest guests.  I can do that.  I shopped - crafts made by wonderful women, collectibles merchandised by fantastic women- people uniting to support mission. A church full of good people.  Thank you Marcee for inviting and encouraging me to start my morning in this way.

I juggled another stop-by with good folks doing good work. I reflect now and realized I missed some stops on my day of holiday fairs and markets- sorry!  I did make it to the high school girls basketball scrimmage and saw Clare on the court (she scored!)  More good people doing good things and quick catch-ups with friends!  I did go to the office for 30 minutes to wrap up yesterday, prepare for the new week- phew…..Taking in the game from the amazing view at our office building.  Then the roar of the crowd, called me down to be with the people.  Reconnected with Mercersburg friend- so much fun! Meeting parents and students looking at Denison- highlight of my job- future parents to engage!  Seeing Denison through their eyes.  Hearing about the fun and friends during M'burg's 30th reunion for his class- choosing people!

Denison won the two games on campus this afternoon- watching, seeing parents and players, fans and family- happy, shiny people…..and now family time- football, Vail concert and just being with good people that I love.

The tratedies in France remind us life is short and time with people matters.  People make differences and matter.  I took in the people around me on in my Newark-Granville Road today, people, good people.

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