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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

traveling for work… lessons.

The lessons of the road all came back to me this week.  I learned one of these lessons in high school and feel like I've shared on the blog prior. It is a lesson to repeat as it ties to life on Newark-Granville Road too!

As you can tell from my prior post- the scoop on my Denver hotel- The Art Hotel, which I highly recommend for those out of towners traveling to Denver or in towners looking for  meeting spot- go, now!  I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and hope to return.  However there were moments that it wasn't the case.  A 5:15 am wake-up to get to the airport on Sunday morning after a full fun weekend put me in a tired traveling state.  And when I'm tired I don't see things clearly and I found myself wanting my routine. Good company and great taste helped put me in a happier state of mind- but there were dips.  A great night's sleep (the room was so dark!) put everything into perspective and I woke happy and inspired to do my work.

It was an extended trip with a variety of work and a special event- Denison Connecting.  Many happy reunions, conversations and "ups".  On the other spectrum-another late night and time zone shifting again found me cranky and blue at times.  The advice I gave myself- get out, find fresh air, call a friend,  embrace the support of coworkers, focus on the good, exercise. Self talk of the lessons of the road, the learning all around and privilege to be where I was with such beauty and inspiration (art in the art hotel) a city of growth supported by good people-  couldn't  allow me to stay down for long.

I do like to travel, and I love to come home. Ups and downs are everywhere- the road far away, and right her on Newark-Granville.  The advice is the same- talk to friends, get a good night's sleep, get out in the fresh air, reflect on the good and beautiful- it is there to comfort and inspire.

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