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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Home"...the home we know so well....

So a Denison video appeared on Facebook at a very interesting time. There is SO much to say about this video and I will not take the time to explore, share, journal, reflect, transition the rapidly firing thoughts, memories, emotions that dance in my head when I watch or even just think about this video. But I will share it here, put it here for preservation and safe keeping and tie it just a tiny bit to this exciting day.

In a week of gratitude this video is a gift for many reasons. The video is a Denison Admissions Video from 1989!  And it shows- our hair, clothes and the campus- check out the road behind Slayer! Amazing amazing people are in this video- dear friends, inspiring colleagues and classmates and some I didn't know.  Yes, you can go to a college of 1900 (statistic at the end) in a small village and still not know everyone!  It captures Denison so very well- not just visually but the essence and script/copy ""Denison, yours to Discover"  It is ours to discover or rediscover....through the eyes of our children looking at college, through matured eyes recognizing just how special the foundation our friendships of four years on this hill are and the routes to friendships beyond our classmates.  I am indeed grateful for Denison.

Foreshadowing? In this video my head shot is with the village- the downtown scene- and I'm talking about Denison being "home", a community that gives to and receives from Denison.  A thought I've been mulling around as my deep regard and knowledge of Licking County from my time at The Works travels with me up the hill to this new role- how does it all work and fit together?

But for today the video is about home and how lucky I am to call Granville home, Denison home- literally. To be here raising children with Joe that will always refer to Granville as home. Today I leave for another home- Hagerstown. The video says Altoona and that was home for awhile. It was a wonderful home and I'm grateful for the friendships and foundation it served for an important time in my childhood and upbringing. Today I will be welcomed home by my parents and united with my siblings on Thanksgiving day. I'll visit familiar and fun family, friends and places that I hold dear. I'm filled with gratitude for his trip home and the trip home via the video.  I'm filled with gratitude to return at the end of the weekend to a full life and my home on Newark-Granville Road.

Here is the video- I would love to talk with you further about this- call, email, Facebook me!

Denison 1989 Admissions Video: Yours to Discover

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