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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

travel smiles....

The TSA Agent believes I changed my hair color- mother nature has an impact and probably photograph's lighting.

No TP in the potty- good thing I grabbed my tissues from the back of the car when I got gas- felt like I was back in China.

NY/NJ- pizza- yes- I saved all my calories and found a place for a slice- ate it in the car- couldn't wait to check in to the hotel.  And yes burned the roof of my mouth- but not too too badly.

Good thing I had checked out Joe's rental car- I knew to use the key fob push button start, not try to insert- but there was a key insert part??

Reading Jerrie Mock's book of her historic flight "38 Charlie" while flying- very cool...more on that one later- lots of lessons...I finished it on the return flights- cried, loved it!! Yay book club- thank you!

Mapping technology- wow- it got me all over NJ and CT- on time- wow!  I still miss maps and don't want to loose the ability to navigate on my own but WOW!

Hilton Member- I like the free water waiting for me at the hotel.

Coming home and knowing right where to go- no navigation....kind of like sleeping in my own bed.

This trip was another good one- love the beautiful New England architecture- charming and of course the fantastic Denisonians I spend time with. Special opportunity to reconnect with an old friend too in a beautiful place.  More to share there too.

Life on Newark-Granville Road filled with smiles while traveling this week, but oh so happy to be home.

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