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Saturday, November 7, 2015

crying through laughter- thank you Truvy

It felt really good to laugh and cry last night.  I valued the opportunity to see a play I've always wanted to see as I LOVE the movie.  Steel Magnolias. I am grateful the timing worked, I bought tickets and went to the Granville High School production.  I'm glad I supported a friend and the great work she does with students. I enjoyed taking in the community that brings out a school play- all ages, people I don't see every day.   The show was wonderful- the acting, the set, all the support that executed a well done production. Lots of lessons were learned no doubt- the script alone teaches so much.  I am glad I was there.

Life on Newark-Granville Road is always in motion with lots of moving parts- the high school was the meeting place for us on a Friday night.  Joe out of town with friends and the play at started at 7. Peter's basketball try-outs ended at 6:45, Clare's basketball practice ending at 7:15.  Sally was with me to pick up (and learn the term will-call) the tickets and find our seats.  Clare ended up sitting in the back with friends watching the play.  Peter was next to me in the dark - both of us comforting the other. The disappointment of not making the team, and not having my child get something he wanted- both of us needed comforted.  Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion- Truvy Jones quote from the play/movie- was just what I needed on Newark-Granville Road last night.

And back to the theater-  So many quotes that make me laugh out loud and smile in Steel Magnolias- which is your favorite- see them here:  The story is a sad one and boy did the tears flow- well done students!! If you have time to go tonight- I would encourage you to do so!  I do love to escape to the theater!! Denison has a play right now too!  Best Friends by Jeff Daniels - opportunities through next week.

I hope you find laughter when the tears flow- life is filled with the ups and downs - and sometimes the best way to cope is to sit in a dark theater and escape to the theater.

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