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Saturday, November 21, 2015

west coast wow, inspiration and learning!

The beautiful scenery was only part of the wow of the west coast visit.  The fantastic Denisonians engaging with me about supporting the college, sharing their stories and perceptions of their children's education- wow!  I am very fortunate to work for such a school and community- a community far reaching beyond Newark-Granville Road.

All of the parents I met embrace Denison's goal to increase our brand and visibility as well as the goal to prepare Denisonians for the future. All have active roles with the college in ways that match their work and life styles.  I had the privledge to meet one woman, a co-founder of Lean In. Org and learn of her quest to increase Denison's brand and the pursue the common mission for all to understand compstuer science. The method-  Hour of Code - please visit the website- take the time to understand the co-founders admirable and important quest.  We can all play a role.

I so admire this woman's willingness to introduce me to her neighbor- the co-founder of Hour of Code. He clearly explained the "why" hour of code, understanding computer science needs to happen- beyond just job and career preparation, understanding the world we live and how things work. He aligned it to the liberal arts, what we did at The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology.  It demystifies, unveils what a small part of the world understands. Education is the answer to the world's problems and this is an important concept for everyone to learn.

Thanks to this Mom engaging with Denison's president, professors and staff Denison is embracing Hour of Code- more coming soon. One way for those of us in town to get involved- bring our kids- Sally is signed up -   Monday, Dec 7th- The Works is coordinating at Denison- Hour of Code!!Register today!

I also went home with the new book by Sheryl Sandberg: Lean-In for Graduates.  Wow! I'm right back to my Mom and AAUW and the mantra "only she who attempts the absurd can do anything"….we still have work to do for equality and an equal playing field. The book explains why things are happening and encourages us to own the solution with our actions- lean-in!  I hadn't embraced the book and concept-- but to be honest I had not read it.  I so enjoy the Lean-In Facebook updates and what is shared there. I will explore the Lean-In circle concept for myself and share with the Denison community.  I'll keep you posted.

I learned so much on my trip to the bay area!  I'm inspired, learning and equipped to learn more, exploring and as always sharing.  Thanks for not just reading but engaging with me in this important exercises and resources!  Life on Newark-Granville road- computer science/coding plays a key role and we're learning more of the how, I hope you will too!

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