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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cheers to Creative, Caring Christmas!

Our hosts started our holiday gathering with a champagne toast!  I know how fortunate we are to have family gathered in a beautiful home together.  Joe's brother and sister in law welcomed my parents to the Christmas celebration with Joe and Scott's parents- how lucky for our three kids to have four grandparents with them on Christmas.  Ann and Scott have a beautiful home and our kids adore being there.  Ann's lasagna and beef were perfect!  Mom and I had fun cooking together to add to the fesast- scalloped potoates, ceaser salad and pecan pie.  Everyone ooohed and ahhhed and was delightfully satisfied by the Christmas meal.

Thoughtful, caring and creative gifts carried the day….we all know one another and enjoy finding ways to celebrate and please one another!  For me it was the Shelbourne Farms Cheese Joe procured. It stayed in the fridge with a do not peak note on it for quite some time…I thought maybe Tennents beer but this is better! It takes me to a place we found off the beaten path that connects to our lives on Newark-Granville Road- design by Frederick Law Olmsted and Sons!  The visits to this part of Vermont were always a delight. The cheese will tantalize my taste buds and take me there for months!  A new bike- needed as my old one was stolen- supporting the Newark bike store and equipping me- yay!  Family memory photos made real- magnet and frames, Derby helpers, magazines, hand made lotion and ornaments, Tshirts just oh so perfect, clothing and jewelry perfect for the recipient. Our givers were indeed thoughtful and careful and brought Christmas joy all around on NG Road.

To surprise or not…that is the question. It is fun to give someone exactly what they want…but having someone identify what would please you, and they know you probably not buy yourself is pretty special.  Wrapping a gift to throw off the recipient can be part of the fun.  The desired monogram driving mocs were just that for me. My brother and sister-in-law wrapped up a flat box in the most beautiful way and I knew it would be a great gift- but I thought perhaps a scarf or blouse- something Lilly. Nope- the shoes were made to fit in the rectangle box and I was oh so happy at the reveal! Merry Merry to me!  Trying to surprise Clare was part of my fun.  She wanted and needed the new phone- we opted for the 6 instead of the 5 as reward for her good word. I wrapped the charger in a decoy box - it didn't work….she blew by it not noticing the subtle change in cord.  At least I was able to draw out her reveal….part of me think we could of just had the phone in her stocking and Christmas would of been complete.  Gifts are for the givers and we had fun making her day.  It helps us too- she is a good partner with coordinating rides and schedules and information.  Of course none of us need all these things.  What we need is love and support, caring and time and we're surrounded by friends and family far and near and that is what we toast this Christmas.

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