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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Go Big Red Christmas 2015 Card

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Belated Hannucah and Happy December.  We hope this finds you well. We are all about increasing Denison's visibility and I take it to heart!  I returned to work at Denison (I worked there from 1999-2005) in May with an exciting role working with Parent and Family Engagement and Philanthropy.  It made sense to do our holiday greeting photo shoot- at Denison!  This one is on the new turf- love the "go big red" red and field green- very Christmasy.
Since the kids probably won't go to Denison- never say never- we went ahead and let them get a Denison sports shirt that showcases their sport- more photos below.  Here is what is happening with:

Clare:  Currently on the JV basketball team for the Granville Blue Aces! She is loving her freshmen year of high school.  Latin is her new language, other favorites are the Global Studies class and program and yes- Geometry- lots of home work and study time.  She also ran cross country and looks forward to lacrosse in the spring.  She finished a third year at Camp Alleghany this summer and had a good time with nice friends.  You can find her at FPC too these days- confirmation class and choir. Not too much teenage stress in our lives, we're grateful.

Peter:  Currently running winter cross country, in the fall he juggled cross country and took up a new sport that included walking down the street to the now Denison Golf Course (a gift to the college).  Baseball - seems like there is always time for baseball too- playing, watching, talking about it- just like his Dad.  8th grade is a bit more challenging for Peter but he keeps up with it as I try to keep up with his growth.  Always smiling- on the swim team, tennis court, or while running with Griffey- Peter keeps us moving!

Sally- Our 5th grade girl is growing up too!  She loves lacrosse in the spring! Basketball is her winter sport with a great group of girls that also enjoy the soccer fields in the fall. Sally joined Clare as a Camp Alleghany Girl this year and loved it!  Water in the river was high so parents didn't go over on the barge to set up the tents- Clare was a big help and Sally the trooper!  Sally sings at FPC as well and enjoys being a girl scout- let us know if you need cookies!!

2015 had all sorts of fun with our family- celebrating 50th anniversaries- congratulations Nadine and Jim (were at Apple Valley Lake with Scott and Ann's family) and to Jeanne and Mike  (the Virginia Creeper Bike Path and Martha Washington Inn).  NYC for spring break and Thanksgiving in Maryland. The Greenbrier/Lewisburg, WVA with camp fun and the beach at OBX with the Stoner  "under one roof" tradition.  Joe is challenged and happy at Cardinal Health with data/IT work.  He  keeps things moving as I travel for this new role.  The family enjoys attending Denison activities and you can join us: check out the website  many events are open to the public and so are the dining halls!  Also know our 25th Reunion at Denison was a stand-out 2015 memory- thank you to all those that traveled and were part of it. Those unable- you were missed- I blogged about that here…..

I could go on and on about the dog, work travel and dear friends I have loved reconnecting with this year and the wonderful support and good times we have here in our lives on Newark-Granville Road! Also know we still support and volunteer for The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology and encourage you to engage with us there! Instead of more typing for me I encourage you to scroll down and check out the blog entries and come back to stay-up on our happenings!!  Derby Details will be posted here in April- once invited, always invited, bring friends and those new to town on the first Saturday in May! Also bring your high school students to look at Denison and tell your friends, coworkers, neighbors! THEN let Susan know-! We're counting our blessings and thankful for the wonderful helpers, coachers, sitters, drivers, friends and family- all the supporters and those that share this beautiful life on Newark-Granville Road with us!  Pictures tell a fun story…here you go- Go Big Red-Denison holiday greeting photo shoot!  


 Joe did not attend the photo shoot- he never likes this activity- but this year it went well. Joe was cheering on the Big Red Basketball game instead. So here is a fun photo of Joe at Keeneland- we're always preparing for Derby and doing math on in our lives on Newark-Granville Road!   Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Woo-Hoo to 2016! Thank you for staying in touch.  Warmly- Joe, Susan, Clare, Peter and Sally

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