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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Go to sleep you little babes, go to sleep you little babes….

Your papa has to wrap and Santa needs to come…..the day has been tradition and Spirit filled thanks to friends and family!  We're so close to saying "Merry Christmas" for real.  We said it after the 4:30 and 6:30 pm FPC services and it felt very true…..but we went back into "anticipation" and wait mode with a beautiful dinner.

So I almost got it all done.  We're wrapping just a few things from us and then waiting for Santa to arrive.  There are still some Christmas cards to mail and gifts to deliver to local friends- the 12 days of Christmas will give me that time.  We've savored the day today with family, friend and church in beautiful ways.

Life on Newark-Granville Road gathered around the table after ice skating--what a treat!  I remember well the idea when it was presented and it still holds true- great way to get the energy out of kids- let them skate!  The Prophater-Jump tradition has been around since before Sally! I pushed her on the ice in a stroller!  Now we connect with friends we may only see at this gathering. The day flies with the trip west and includes lunch at Max and Ermas.  A stop at the store to get the last needed items and then home to prepare for church! The beautiful church services had ample engagement by all three kids- Peter the narrator with Rose, Clare as Mary to Jack's Joseph and Sally in the choir and then Clare in the choir, Peter ushering and Sally with us. Nana and Pap appreciated experiencing it all first hand and value the worship and music.  Dinner at the table prepared with love by mother, daughter, grandmother was all we wanted it to be.  The plan set for tomorrow- another day to be celebrated and cherished on Newark-Granville Road!  The question is….when will Santa arrive. When can we put Griffey to bed and put out the cookies- the beer is waiting- Sally's instructions!

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