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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Welcome December with Peace in my heart

Good December morning…..for whatever reasons I have snippets of songs in my head as I think of post phrases.  Right now- Fum-Fum-Fum…instead of "on this Joyous Christmas Day" I have
Good December- Moooo-or-ning, sing fum fum fum…..
Good December Moooo-or-ning, sing fum fum fum….

For a Day and Seaon of Peace- Prayers that all fighting might cease
For rest and quiet today, understanding and love always
Sing Fum Fum Fum

Maybe that is all I need for today's blog.  It is December 5th- the shopping has started, we'll ease into decorating.  There feels like a lot to do, but I type here with a sense of peace knowing it will happen.  I type grateful for the morning we've taken to just breath, sleep, organize a bit…I have not unpacked shopping from last weekend.  Good news on a friend's health and awareness that others struggle and are sad at this time.  I light a candle, savor my coffee and pause for prayer and think of my friends and those in need, but aren't we all in need- some more than others depending on the day and circumstsance- and share some more…...

Peace inspiration- "the rest of the story" behind the scenes, the why…. a funny happened in our home this week and I so value the response.  The person that helps us keep our house clean- I'm so grateful and value her partnership.  Walked in the door needing to use the rest-room and put her things down.  She pulled the door shut as she sat down (this is the closet like power room off the hallway) (and shut the door because the dog was following with his big old sniffer going) and the door knob (interior) promptly fell off.   She was there for three hours!

She started to wheeze and told herself, no- calm down.  She mediated. She started to sweat, she said no- don't do this.  She found a paperclip in the trash and tried to fiddle her way out….she removed the artwork that cover the access to the washer drier- that gives gave her air and light…..she turned off the light and took in the quiet. The dog stayed close- unless someone was walking buy…she wishes she could of stretched her legs a bit more…..she took in the peace of the time.  Barbara let her out when she arrived to walk the dog, help with the kids and house- phew!  When I came home and heard this news Barbara said she was fine with being locked-in and it was OK.  I called to apologize and ended up at home the next day to say I'm sorry in person.  How wonderful she came back the next day to do the work she committed to- she easily could of said- my day with you was spent in a bathroom- see you next week! Nope she came back and in person told me it was OK. But it was reading the note she left that let it sink in- she found peace.  She goes from house to house, is busy, juggling, lots going on with her and her husband….she took time to sit and reflect, think, rest and accepted the gift.  Ahhhh- Peace. She also told me that at Wendy's the clerk reminded her the day was hers to make. This came when the response of "how are you today" was "OK with a not so energetic tone"- Our house helper heard that loud and clear- we have the attitudes and approaches and control to make our days better than OK- they can be great and filled with wonder and joy, peace and acceptance and most of all love.

Thank you for lessons, for the care of our home and commitment. Thank you for helping me find peace in this busy, special season in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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