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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tree- traditions and change, updates and memories!

  Our December Newark-Granville  life now has a Christmas tree- ahhhh! Another successful trip to Messerall's Tree Farm! We've been going there since Sally was a baby and Peter saved Christmas- story blogged in past posts- many!  We had fun retelling the story to Mrs. Messerall this year.  So the tree that called to us is a fir not the spruce we've done in the past.  It required a new stand as the trunk is much smaller.  It is nice to touch this tree and not itch or be feel the prickliness.  It fit well and was easy to carry in the house.  Decorating went well today, although not every ornament found a home on this tree and it took some rearranging as these branches don't hold heavy ornaments without reshaping the tree!  I kept my patience most of the time and embraced the kids approach.  Only one small tweak to placement.   Joe now puts the angel "Ga-Ga" on top- kids are not quite tall enough and can't be lifted…now fighting over that decision either- yay! We also are throwing away, pitching some ornaments that are broken or no longer what they need to be.  Lake Tahoe- the water inside turned brown- ick.  It was a great trip and I'm grateful for the Denisonians and Ann Leithauser that made it a special event.  The Clara ornament from the Nutcracker- lost her foot- ouch. Not sure if that was Clare or Sally's…other nutcracker ornaments remind us of those special years with COYB!  The childhood Mickey, Lucy and Santa Mouse…..thank you for years of happy Decembers on bows of the evergreens.  Good memories made today and we're just a bit more in the Christmas Spirit!

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