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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dear Santa….

Dear Santa,

Yes I know the calendar date is the nineteenth, yes the nineteenth of December.  You know I'm one not to do too much holiday until December and being "just in time" is fine with me!  I embrace the twelve days of Christmas starting on the twenty-fifth! So if Mrs. Claus does not receive her Christmas Card/ Derby invite this week- no worries in my mind.  Isn't it fun to have the cards trickle in, even in early January?!!

So here is the list this year!  You do an amazing job with this list and I'm grateful. How can I not put one together when you've delivered "my" perfect boyfriend/husband, beautiful babies, Sebastian the convertible, and all the practical much needed things. I know you are working hard on the world peace on most lists too- thank you.

This year I would appreciate:
-more peace, less war and violence.
-to reach the stretch goal for the Denison Parents Fund- 1 million dollars and increased participation. Denison is doing such good things and the annual fund makes it possible.   Having parents and grandparents of students and alums support the college is important.  I buy into my father's philosophy- do you like to receive the magazine, stay in touch, value what the organization has done for you and the world- send them a check, stay on their list!  Every dollar counts and participation matters!
-Same for the Denison Annual Fund- I would like every Denison alum I know or have met to make a contribution/ participate!  We owe Denison so much and the annual fund- those that went before us!  Our education and experience is what it is thanks to philanthropic donors. Plus it feels good to give!  Participation affects the college rankings- so the more that give, the better we showcase! We deserve to be more highly ranked- Denison prepares students for rich, beautiful lives- everywhere!
-So on that note I'll ask for a Denison Vineyard Vine Polo- size XL- it is darling, love that the on-campus book store caries these!
-I always forget to put it on my list when I respond to my sister in law's email asking what I want…..lambs wool on the bottom flip-flops.  I think Bean makes them….Uggs use to….I've just learned how to wear real flip flops and I can't think of anything more comfortable. I saw a neighbor with them years ago…..Size 8 1/2.
-I need a new bike- want to ride more- so nice to be working in our beautiful town.
-happy, polite children- we're on it but we appreciate and accept help- it matters!
- support and engagement for the organizations we care deeply about- The Works, First Presbyterian Church, even Moundbuilders Country Club and so many more.
-good health and happiness to all those we know and love and you know need an extra dose- this ties to the first point about peace….we all need to have peace in our hearts- it helps.

I'll end with that and wish you a pleasant and happy ride on December 24th. Thank you for your work all year.  We Believe.

Warmly- Susan

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