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Friday, January 15, 2016

Beautiful inspiration…..

What a treat to take a look at this burst of positive, happy, creative, inspirational energy in word and vision.  Take a look….I love to virtually connect other on-line efforts and this is the real deal- wow!  Personally I loved page 21- I want to ride in 265….211- India Calling- yes it is..but this is Seizencote House in England- Cotswolds!

And then…page 73- ahhhh the beautiful Inn and Project Soar…the store to support the project- social entrepreneurship is so beautiful….  Take a look, soak it in, savor it…return over and over like I have in the past 24 hours….Also bound beauty awaits- order here!!

Thank you Amy, Dave and your team- you've been inspiring me for years….I look around my bright happy house- lots of yellow, brights, patterns, memories, delights- when making a shift and considering your wallpaper…me with Joe's blessing and love and all we are, have been, will go….is here in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  Please dear readers, follow Amy's advice and share her blossom with someone you love. I love you for reading and sharing with me!

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