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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year….Reflections on this 2nd day of the year, 9th day of Christmas.

Welcome 2016 and thank you 2015!  I must pause to reflect on wonderful, fabulous 2015.  I have not chronicled the blog posts or created the 2016 photo book or even done the Shutterfly year in review….but I carry with me the stand-out moments easily into 2016.  The gifts and lessons still processing in my head and I need this step of putting them into words.  Okay so the Christmas card post does do a bit of this:

I still have some musings to transfer here.

The theme of 2015 to me was- make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.  Making a move is hard- any move- office swaps, job change, room clean-up/painting (the breaks project with Sally's room) and of course moves often have more than one change or move…the new job often takes people from one city, home to another- it isn't one person moving it is a family.  The person moving isn't the only one affected- the ones left behind, new coming….it doesn't feel like a ripple it feels like a swirl, whirlpool.  I've used the analogy "snow globe shake up" and ah-ha that is even water involved!! I love water- being near it, in it, hearing it. The dishwasher running as I type is comforting to me.  The analogy in my head about life is this year is the stream- sometimes peaceful, some times turbulent, some times deep, some times shallow, some times filled with eddies. It seems so appropriate that the highlight of our 2015 wrap up was a hike to the Honey Run Falls. The journey and walk there is beautiful- through meadows, pine tree stands, up and down various terrains.  We were there with the Westerville Leithausers and the kids happy to be out- charging ahead, shrieks of delight echoing back to us, but the take home (and I actually recorded it and have it on my phone) was the water fall, and walk along the stream to the river…seeing the water flow, travel, traverse, dance, skip, meander……ahhhhhh. After the hike we returned to Scott and Ann's lake house for family dinner, football, friend time, relaxation and the welcome to 2016.  Ups and downs with ten people together, kids of all ages most teenagers….but ahhhh so good to be away and together, welcomed and hosted, sharing in hospitality. I loved looking up often to see the lake- a pool of water, a collection and reflection of travels and traditions, reading and waiting for more…..welcome 2016.  2015 had so many great reconnections with dear friends in so many ways and so many places. The ability to move away from a job I loved and maintain friendships important too.  Our 25th Reunion - such a special time and gift of those that traveled to be with us in this real life on Newark-Granville Road!! The figure eights works with the water theme!!

These past few days have been awesome- seeing old friends and making new memories- cheers and thank you for another eve of the eve- wow.  The kids included made it all the sweeter- as we drove to Apple Valley we compared notes on our evenings- rolling home, late night antics and reflection- good times.  Ann sharing with me beautiful Ted talk that will be part of my 2016 planning and inspiration…future blog topic I'll start after I wrap this up and post soon. The Rose Bowl- lovely theme and opportunity to visit sunny California. Notre Dame vs OSU- fun pairing for us. Ann and dear friends we see at the lake a great deal- Notre Dame grads that share their love of the Irish so very well. Last night we came home so we could easily greet today- we had family movie night and watched "Rudy".  Food plays a roll in it all too- our NYE dinner was "Mongolian bbq"- again the journey- not just Ann and I in the kitchen- Cate and Clare helped with chopping prep.  We took the customized omelet- Joe's gift to us so often there- and made it work for stir fry dinner- and it did work!  Cheers at breakfast is the way I like to go- bellinis and breakfast go hand and hand at the lake.  Ann and Scott created a beautiful new space that allows you to take in lake activity in cozy bright comfort.  I had the delight to watch the kids go to the lake- not a full polar bear plunge- but enough to delight and inspire…..yeah Will for leading the way. What a gift to be lake side to wrap up 2015 and welcome 2016.

And yes it is the 9th day of Christmas- our beautiful tree is delighting me- great way to be welcomed home.  The house is a disaster with project work lingering- the paint is beautiful and has Sally's buy-in and engagement- she painted!! So much to do including gifts to deliver and more cards to send. It is so important to reflect, regroup and get ready…2016 is here…Life on Newark-Granville Road is wading in..the weekend making it possible this year.

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