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Friday, January 8, 2016

Erin's life of Living and Love

What a lovely service at Blessed Sacrament in Newark yesterday- an Order of Mass of Christian Burial. I've always related to the point - funerals are for the living.  A take away from yesterday is that Erin lives on in so many people and things.  She was all around yesterday- the sun was beautiful and so appreciated. People connected and gathered, celebrated and supported- so Erin.  Thanks to facebook and conversations her incredible experiences and love is being shared and so she continues to inspire and lead.  Funerals give us the opportunity to show case that we do live on- Erin certainly does and will.

Rev. Jonathan Wilson spoke so beautifully during the homily, his connection to the scripture on love was spot on and so appropriate for Erin.  1 Corinthians 13: 4-13   Love- Erin loved living, loved her community, her family and friends and it showed.  

I blog about Erin not because we were especially close but because her life touched and inspired me in many ways. She is gone too soon. The services and interaction about her life needed more processing time for me.  My life on Newark-Granville Road is all the better having met, known, volunteered, traveled, shared so many friends and acquaintances and been in this community with Erin.  Thanks be to God.

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