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Thursday, January 14, 2016

in the kitchen….help me write a personality test….

So you are baking cookies in the kitchen, with your family, four out of five helping. The first batch of chocolate chip cookies (several times you hear the kids say- we're making cookies, from scratch, repeating, from scratch and emphasizing the scratch word) is Ok- when you taste the first one you think- hmm maybe a bit too much flour, bit dry but not bad.  Mean while every step you have a volunteer or two to help: crack eggs, measure out ingredients, add to the mixer, etc…Happily (pretty much) everyone is engaged and had played a role and a few have even been able to lick the spoon after the first batch's sheet is in the oven!  YAY!

So the cookies are for the fundraiser tomorrow (hmmm maybe they were due tonight- oh well) and you want to have extras- for the house, work…you're excited to be baking- something you didn't get to this holiday season. So you get out the next set of spoons and bowls and mix up the next batch- delegating the dry ingredient mixing to two of the four family helpers.  The debate starts on TV and your four helpers leave you to go downstairs.   You finish up the batter, noticing it is a bit less stiff but think- good, will be more moist.  You go upstairs to get the phone charger so you have something to do during the six minute baking.  You return to find over cooked, flat, spread into one another, cookies.  Oh well…you get the next go-round of cookie sheets in the oven and similar situation…hmmmmm I wonder how much flour was in the dry mix?  Now is the personality test do you….

a. pitch the rest of the batter and join the family for the debate.
b. pitch the rest of the batter and mix a third batter- solo to finish the job.
c. add flour and finish out this batter and hope for the best?

If you are me- you chose c…..I like closure, but was tired and wanted to be done.  The 3 dozen for the fundraiser are complete.  The extras for the kids are crisp and OK- filled a Tupperware container and a baggie (for the broken ones)… and well work- no one wants the extra calories anyway!  I've committed to baking a bit more and to dust off my skills.  At least I can make a good rice krispie treat these days… on Newark-Granville Road in the kitchen tonight!  And if you are interested in buying homemade goodies tomorrow- Box Out Lyme Disease!!  6 pm JV game, 7:30 Varsity- Granville Girls Basketball- Home- GHS!  Lots of fun ways to contribute to research and support for this scary disease that affects way to many we know!  Thanks!

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