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Sunday, January 3, 2016

What is on the horizon in 2016…..

Here it is the new year's post….sharing motivation and thoughts to inspire 2016!

Diana Nyad- what an inspiration!! thank you to  my dear friend and supporter, sister in law, Ann for this Ted Talk must watch-  So many golden nuggets of advice for all of us no matter what we're doing!! If we're raising a family, raising money, volunteering, just getting by, getting in shape- the team that surrounds us, the need to keep focused on the horizon, finding the song and singing it over and over to pace ourselves, find our place and way to mediate is another way to say this, Diana Nyad has something for all of us.

Connected is the message from Sheryl Sandberg with Lean-In and the lesson she shares about support friendships, intentional circles- a dear friend I see regularly reminded me of how lucky we are to have one another and of this message:   It connects well to Diana's talk.  It also plays well with the inspiring visits I've had in 2015- they need to carry over to 2016!

I love a parade, and a theme….so the opportunity to sit and watch the Rose Bowl Parade was a treat this year.  It took me a bit to get into "vacation' relax mode this year….with work, travel, kids schedules, holiday to-dos , house to-dos (we did well but still so much to do) I wasn't in that- ahhhhh place until well after the 25th…but I got there. I'm there as I type….ready to curl up and finish the book club book instead of cross anything off the to-do list- it will wait- book club discussion only happens once.  Anyway- the theme of the parade this year was "find your adventure" and that fits me, I embrace that.  When I travel it is an adventure, when I took the new job- it was an adventure, even when Sally and I set out this afternoon for 9th day of Christmas delivery- it was an adventure.  Sally joined me in the front seat and saw roads in different ways.  She wondered if she had ever been on certain roads, she asked which road is the curviest in Granville, we found new houses under construction and a new road to a friends house when we missed a turn…we had a quick adventure and time together.  Adventures are everywhere and they're fun, learning opportunities.

2016 will bring beautiful- althought sometimes hard and challenging-adventures to my life on Newark-Granville Road and I'm lucky to be able to share them with you, dear friends and family that support me, work and volunteer teams that help move me toward the horizon.

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