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Sunday, January 24, 2016

January Travel and Coaching

I'm back in the saddle…or back on the plane… for Denison is taking me great places to see amazing people!  Last week was a trip to Florida and this week I'm going to Boston!  After Work with Denison….Everywhere is Wednesday night and I'll be in Bean town.

With it being Leithauser Christmas, I had not traveled much these past few weeks.  I have to say I was happy to get back in the swing with my travel south last week.  I was happy to be in a warmer (not by much) climate and and have green surroundings. Ruling the day was the interaction with good people.  Pictured below, was my documenting a special opportunity. I'll be in DC soon and I asked for advice from former Senator Richard Lugar- Denisonian! He gave me some perspectives and input as I plan to engage with parents and parents of alumni in the area.  The quick work part of the trip had many inspiring moments, and some good old laughs and fun. I work with  pretty special team.

Another highlight of the trip was adding a night to stay with my brother Matthew, and his family. More Denisonian time…Matt is DU Class of 1991!  I admit to have been pretty tired and a low key evening complete with a delicious family dinner around the kitchen table and record party in my niece's room was just what I needed.

Life on Newark-Granville Road is focused on Denison work and appreciated the adventures from this past week and is looking forward to the week ahead and into February…..Thanks to all those that help with the kids and Joe (and Griffey) that make the travel possible for me!


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