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Monday, January 11, 2016

Warm Welcomes for body and spirit!

The snow covered yards on Newark-Granville Road no doubt help create the heading for this blog.  A quick recap of two special visits for me this weekend- why do I put these down here on a blog?  To share- you too can be welcomed the way I was welcomed this weekend, you too can have the benefit of exercise and faith, let me know and maybe we can go together!!

First- Saturday morning's Zumba class!  Thanks to a friend for inviting me to join this - drop- in class for $5!  I needed/ wanted to exercise and this class worked- the invite was great too.  I received a great work out and loved the energy, direction and welcome from Melissa- here is the scoop!
MOVE with Melissa -Zumba, Bodyshred & More  it really was like nothing I've done before- no mirrors- woo hoo! Leave stress at the door, and have fun- just what I did- and felts muscles work and the heart pumping- woo hoo- thanks Melissa and Juliet!

Next, Sunday morning provided another wonderful visit to another "church" experience. Clare and Charlotte's confirmation class experiences other worship- within and outside of the Christian faith.  I've done some blogging about this and feel compelled to share yesterday's visit to Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Newark- 383 Washington Street- just south of East Main.  I've always wanted to go, always and am so glad I was there yesterday- what a treat. The welcome, the music, the message, the faith and love all around.  Not just in word, but in action- the hugs, hand holding and Amens…..ahhhhh. There were some extra special connections that renew and ponder details of my faith but I know simply to say - Thank you.  Best of the all our young ladies benefited and enjoyed the visit too!  Rev. Dr. Noble did a wonderful debrief with the confirmands- introducing us to his father and sharing the service of the church in the community- inspiring. He talked about recognizing, honoring and thanking even if it is in the future- the adults in their lives.  I have to say I'm so grateful for the youth- they've led me and given me the opportunity to be with them on their journey and it means so very much.  I hope to go back to this church from time to time.  I will do my best to support their activities and efforts in our community. If you want to know more, here is their website: 

It was a very very good weekend.   Dinner Friday night with Joe's colleagues was incredible- welcome and hospitality, thoughtful planning and beautifully (and deliciously) executed- so fortunate.  Saturday night Town and Country- festive hospitality with a return to the beautiful Inn and time with dear friends of this incredible community- always a special time.  We added the usual basketball games- two wins for Sally's 5th grade team- woo hoo, family dinner and week planning-next Monday: - and a great launch to the Girl Scout cookie Sales… can see why I pray and exercise and am appreciate the opportunity to do so in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  I hope you'll join me as I return to these places.

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