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Friday, May 6, 2016

2016's Derby Party- Day before Update.....

This year you'll want to arrive on time.....if you can't (like our own Sally due to a lacrosse game) it is OK but....those that love live music come at 4 for Chowda!  Denison student/alums will be here for an hour- we're grateful! Love the live music side to this party!!

As I mentioned- we're rain or shine- bar and band under tent....dress appropriately I'll have on my rain boots to ward it off!

There was something else I wanted to share....oh well- need to go prep!  Love having ya'll over to share this fun and exciting two minutes of sports and all sorts of traditions! oh that's it! The country ham from Maryland is cooked and ready to be sliced and made into bit sized sandwiches...they go again come early and make sure to visit the dining room and yes Sally- chocolate covered strawberries will be there too, and yes cookies and cup cakes from Ice.Bake.Roll will be here....and Peter I'll get the root beer!  Life on Newark-Granville before Derby...out!    For the rest of the details.....

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