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Sunday, May 15, 2016


Commencement at Denison was pretty powerful for me.  My work truly is cyclical- it ties right into the figure eight image I use to describe life very well.  We don't just have on cycle, we have many that overlap, overlie....the school year, the calendar year, the fiscal year are a few.  As I wrap up a school year with the Class of 2016 parents..sigh..I just get sad- they've been pretty amazing for many reasons.  I'm a closure person and the reality is there isn't closure.  It will be interesting to see what happens...will some just fade away, some stay connected for a bit. One Mom explained that no one was saying good bye- they couldn't...and I get that.   For students moving into alums they'll have a way to connect- reunions, weddings, gatherings...gosh those 1990 gatherings were amazing- wedding showers, visits to keep in touch, road trips!  But parents engaging with Denison...we'll see.....

But that simple means it is time to Commence- begin- new parents to meet, new relationships and roles to play....the awesome parents I've met have volunteered to keep helping as appropriate. They'll do their part to share the Denison story...they support and encourage their children's engagement!!  We commence into a new place and it is good.

The ceremony and day yesterday set the tone for this so very well.  The Denison family was under one roof and it was pretty cool. I was sad not to have the beautiful weather and outdoor ceremony. HOWEVER there is a lot to be said to be under that one big roof in Mitchell.    I am Denison proud of the engagement we have with Sister Helen. Her speech or the delivery and three stories she shared taught and touched me. I look forward to learning more about this impressive woman who shared mistakes, and lessons and a journey an important one about forgiveness, love and compassion.    Sister Helen received an honorary degree and delivered the address to the senior class.  Adam Weinberg and a pretty impressive student shared great words as well.

Truly what moved me on Saturday was the opportunity I had. I was able to sit among the guests of the president- those that support the college with deep engagement, those that children served the college and embody the Denison experience. I was able to meet and say hello to family members sharing this important day. I had a role.  It felt really good to be back, to wrap up this cycle of the school year and bring closure and information to prepare for next go around with a new group!

Life on Newark-Granville Road is all about commencing....starting, moving, ushering, stepping. Thanks for reading. Thanks for the care for the injured Denison students, thanks for support of the Big Red athletes, thanks for being with me in my figure eights on campus, in town and in this life that moves forward oh so quickly.

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