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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Further down the street a video was produced....

Please watch this video.  I hope you'll be as impressed as I was with these high students from Newark, Ohio.  I  know have a bias after working in downtown Newark for five years and seeing first hand the amazing things happening at the high school there. This video showcases that so very well!  There is so much to be proud of in Licking County. I admit to poking fun of it while a Denison student. When we moved here I thought we'd do so much more in Columbus.  And certainly I love Columbus and am proud of its growth and opportunities.....but here, 8 miles away is Newark.  Our county seat has problems like most similar sized cities in America but there is so much good.  Good work Newark High School students, teachers that care, volunteers that create programs to showcase such films- well done and thank you.

My life on Newark-Granville Road is proud of these students- I know one!!  Proud of the work they did to produce this film....I sure hope they'll look at Denison!!