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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mother Nature - lets talk Derby....

Mother Nature we know you'll do what you do and we've seen it all on the first Saturday in May....warm, cold, wet, dry, even snow flurries.....We loved the forecast at the beginning of the week- warm and dry. We've watched the temps go up and 70, the forecast shows 75 with 90 percent rain? Is there a price for the temperature?  The forecast shows storms in the pm...can PM be 11 pm please?  Just sayin' 75 and no rain would be lovely for this party. But do what you will do party on the first Saturday in May, 2016. We'll go on rain or shine, friends will self select, the tent goes up tomorrow to provide shade or rain cover and sets a festive atmosphere (and supports the Kiwanis Granville Scholarship program.  Life on Newark-Granville loves a party rain or shine on the 1st Saturday in May!

1 comment:

Ellen Wheeler said...

The horses will run, rain or shine, and so should the party! XO XO