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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mothers Day and Derby Party 2016.....

they go together well!, flowers, everywhere and great prices on roses! Thank you Trader Joe's this year's supplier and Joe found them!  How nice to have Joe find a favorite vase and fill it with beautiful red roses! I then returned to get a few more to pepper the house with them for the party... I admit to using colors beyond red..white for my Works yellow vase,  yellow and pinky red were perfect for the Denison theme.  I sent Joe's Mom home with some, passed out a few more to some mommas I love and look forward to taking some to the office.

And it is now the end of the day and I've taken to the couch.  I napped and haven't left the couch.  It was nice to wake up slowly taking in the pretty room- prettier thanks to the flowers and Derby decor. I do love the Derby season...will keep this all up until after the Belmont. I deserved the nap. Not usually a napper this one was earned with focused prep for two days and a great party I enjoyed. Plus we woke up early to clean, went to church, had a great picnic watching Denison women lacrosse win the NCAC Tourney!!   Tea time quickly turned to cocktail hour and now I type as the family does their duty with grilling, continued post party tasks. I talked to my Mama and caught up with family a bit via texts.

A bonus this year was my mother in law with us for Derby. She was a huge help. All three kids had activities Friday night- good timing to see her grand kids on the field.  She also fed them and gave the attention they don't get as we prep for the party.  She hung late night with friends and was quite beloved. She helped with clean up and joined us for church. I love and value the time to be together in this way.

Another great Derby party in the books. We host this party for many reasons- gets the house ready- check...we enjoy the yard so much post derby.  We love hosting our friends that make our community what it is. We love connecting people- fun swim connections yesterday with Cleveland and Granville folks.  I hope to hear more.  We just love a good party and this one's theme is fun and festive and people embrace it.  Three cheers for the Maryland bow tie and socks..some great hats- even our incredible bar tender had a vintage hat!! Boy she makes this party a treat- last year was our first year with Emily and it made quite a difference, plus her juleps- incredible!  I kept putting mine down and would have to go on a quest to find it.  The nod to Denison to help with decor and entertainment worked! Thanks and shout out to Chowda and Hilltoppers- everyone loved you and we value you sharing your talent.  The Denison students were great- they really embrace the party and their tasks, a friend we've grown up here was on kid duty and excelled.  And yes I loved the serenade- was totally caught of guard but what a treat.

The link on Newark-Granville Road on Mothers Day with Derby Party weekend was our kids in action- their hospitality, shared fun and their embracing and creating traditions. They all had friends here late night (11 for us- party past dark.)  Sally's favorite part of the party- singing on stage (thanks Tom) and flashlight tag- love this! Clare's was the balloons- she says she's never done helium chat0 and the cookies!  Decorate your own is her thing- already knows we'll do C cookies when we combine her graduation party and Derby! And Peter's favorite thing was hanging with friends, playing ball in the yard with friends and winning $10.

That will wrap up Derby for 2016....those unable to join us- we hope you will next year- the first Saturday in May. Those that did attend- thank you for sharing a special part of our life on Newark-Granville Road in 2016 and a thanks to the help from my Moms- the ham was great and your time with us very meaningful Nadine. And thanks Joe, Clare, Peter and Sally for my mothers day attention.

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