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Thursday, May 26, 2016

thank you for the help, we love Granville.

As I formed this post in my head it was simply to say thank you for the quick response to our needs to find a sitter/driver/helper three days a week in June.   Clare noted it was less than 24 hours from figuring out the void to having a new person in place.  What Clare didn't know is we had at least ten ideas, names, referrals, options shared with us within 12 hours!  Wow- thank you!  We have found someone to partner and help support our summer- who goes, where when how with whom!

What we also executed or started to create is the schedule - looking at all the who needs to be where, when so we can figure out the how/who and provide instructions.  What we're realizing is we still need to take friends up on offers to carpool, coordinate is a work in progress and so I say thank you in advance for the help.

Granville- this is what we do for one another- we figure it out, we lend ideas and inputs...we even have it on- line with a variety of groups to join on Facebook.  What a beautiful thing it is. What makes life on Newark-Granville Road so special- you.

I wish I rolled with these changes, hiccups.  When I figured out my goof in not confirming sitter/ driver I knew our town would come to our rescue. I had seen the postings and knew there were folks back from school, high school students looking for work.  This will be Clare in a few years.  But it still caused stress.  It happened to us a few years ago and it so upset me....I understand why it happens, but the emotional side of change, the timing and energy spent takes it's toll.  Joe's lack of concern amplified my frustration.  My desire to be attentive, celebratory Mom during these school wind down (limited hours) days played into the stress.  But again friends lift me up, colleagues and work is flexible and supportive as I handle put my Mom role ahead of everything else and work on the puzzle, shift the usual juggle act.

It only works on Newark-Granville Road with your support- thank you.

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