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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Baseball boy and a world series......

Extra we go.....Peter and Mom last two to up to witness history in the making......maybe! It is 11:55 on Nov 2, 7 for the Cubs vs Indians in Cleveland World Series on rain delay?  Heavens to Betsy, oh my stars...woo-wee....Peter just asked, will we go to bed tonight?  I'm all about the Cubs, Peter is torn.....what a game!  What a game! Baseball history with my baseball boy (born on THE opening) life on Newark-Granville Road is good and a bit of a nail biter!

Back to the game...phew....And the winner is.....both clubs really are winners but the winner of this game, and the 2016 World Series is.......C...I can't just sit here and is 8 to 6, two outs, Cubs is 12:42 am on Nov 3 now....Peter is turning off the lights....we're poised to wrap this up.....and now with a walk the Indians have a player on first.....and now a 8-7 game.....oh my.....and now another pitching change....

And the Cubs Win! Chicago Cubs win the Series.....yes, yes, yes!  So happy for all those that love the Cubs, BELIEVED in the Cubs....and what fun it is to watch a game at Wrigley..I've been to my fair share, loved watching and sharing this night with Peter on NG Road! Cubs Win, Cubs Win the World Series- 2016!  No more 1908, no more wait til next true!

*** LOVE the commercials- well done Nike and Budweiser!

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