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Saturday, November 12, 2016

eating out, bringing it home...a blog to check-out....

New blog in the county- Licking Eats! So many great perspectives, finds, reports....I personally love the one on local butters!  Butter in coffee...who knew!  I saw the blogger of the butter post today at the indoor farmers market- we won't want to miss her synopsis of the trip!  And a bonus for me- I'm helping out from time to time with blog posts, reports on restaurants!  The link is to the article I did on Alphie's Wholesome Food- my go-to lunch place.  I have a whole bunch of ideas for posts to share..I'll keep you posted.  Please take a look and enjoy this new resource.  A resource I'm really enjoying and I think you will as well. Life on NG Road enjoys eating and loves Licking County so it all makes sense to engage with Licking eats!  scroll down for the blog part!

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