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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Halloween - Sixteen- didn't take pictures so I'll blog....

Halloween on Newark-Granville Road....somewhat anti-climatic due to trick-or-treat happening on the Thursday before....but that was a lovely night!  I didn't embrace the holiday at work for some reason? I didn't even wear black or gray....I didn't cook a meal that was Halloween themed.  I can't explain it.  Maybe the travel and work schedule just didn't put me in the mood?

Trick or Treat for the kids was Sally with clothing from India- she was an a Princess from India.  A bit of a stretch but she was happy and I appreciated the ease- we put on make-up- still a treat!  Peter wore the Penguin costume we keep on hand to join friends over in Bryn Du.  The night was festive with a visit into town and friends that entertain and a happy Sally with a new friend in town. We enjoyed the chance to pick her up and see their lovely home and meet their neighbors.

We wish Newark-Granville Road received trick-or-treaters....but we don't so it has always been a head out evening....then return home to Chili and homework and some attempt to get a good night's sleep. For this reason I value the Thursday festivities.  A Monday night could be tough.  We enjoyed a lovely gathering over the holiday weekend with a hay ride and scary touches.

The last component of Halloween fun in my life on NGR was Monday Talks.  This was my first outing to this afternoon of learning for the year.  I enjoy this ladies group that focus on presentations. Halloween Monday had a great topic-  A presentation from the director of the Famous Endings Museum.  We leaned about the collection of funeral memorabilia of famous, notorious and important people.  I understand it is a great place to visit  and some day we just may venture off of NG Road to visit in Strasburg, Ohio.

Halloween wraps up October and we move to welcome November....and what a lovely start to November we've had here on Newark-Granville Road!

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