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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Celebrating Basketball Chapter and News from Joe.....

Last Friday night we had a celebration dinner on Newark-Granville Road.  I was tired from the west coast work trip but we needed to share some news with the kids. I wanted it to be more than just sharing the news about Joe's new job...I wanted it to be a celebration. And I wanted to celebrate the chapter in our lives where all three made their basketball teams and our families' return to the basketball court in force!  And after the election week we needed to embrace happy news and be reminded of our blessings.  To me the best way to do that is around the table.

So here is the interesting thing....the kids ended up worried, even scared.  They knew something was up - Mom bringing a special dessert, reservations at the club and then Mom letting the kids not "dress" for dinner.  Fascinating how the mind works?!  Clare was the observant one and shared it all- laying what I just mentioned out for her siblings. They quickly agreed and Sally panicked.  It made us chuckle and hurried up the announcements.  We were quite the entertainment for the couple at the table next to us.

I opened the celebration with new water bottles (their favorite Gatorade due to size, shape, material, dispatch of water) for all the basketball players- woo hoo- you made your teams and are working hard- yay!  So happy Granville has a Freshman Boy's Team and Peter has stuck with basketball and I'm grateful for the Mom's carpooling to make it all happen!  Happy Sally is working with a great group of coaches and girls again and stretching herself.  Clare (news today is co-captain) loves the program and has worked hard to be in this place.  I type this for the history and for the kids to see my pride.

The next part of the celebration- a gift for Joe! He opened a big Denison mug as I explained he will be working from home when not traveling as he joins Infoverity- and returns to consulting work.  He is excited to take what he has learned and what has worked well at Cardinal Health and share it with other companies. He respects and enjoys working with Matt Wienke and his team.  It feels like a great fit and exciting opportunity for Joe.  The timing is good for him and I'm very proud and pleased it has all worked out.  Leaving Cardinal and the fabulous colleagues isn't easy but it is the right time and challenge for Joe.

So the kids smile and rejoice- happy for their Dad, happy to have a favorite new water bottle recognizing the challenge of finding water bottles lately in our house??? and relieved to know they aren't moving.  For some reason Clare put it in her head that the something brewing/ something was up was I was taking a job and a different school and we were moving.  None of the kids wanted that and are all happy for what is happening now and here.  Interesting to think about how brains work, things interpreted, comments turned around. We've joked with Clare when passing through college towns that we might move there- Joe's been doing this to prove the point- she might as well go to Denison.  That is a future blog post but we have time- she is just a sophomore.  I moved when I was about Clare's age- in between sophomore and junior year of high school.  I can reflect and do - it was hard but good for me, really good for me.  I've pondered probably out loud that it would be a good lesson for our family to move.  That is not the news- the news is we're in Granville and celebrating the opportunities that are here.  Life on Newark-Granville Road filled with much to celebrate- thanks for sharing!

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