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Monday, November 14, 2016

Fascinating much to learn...Election 2016

I have not shared anything post election and the reality is I didn't share much before the election.  This is not like me as I've been one to encourage conversation and not be afraid to share my opinions. Not doing so contributed to the long list of why this was a hard election.  But it also is a fascinating election and time.

I will not share my votes on this page.  I will talk about them in person, when we have time to engage, listen to one another, explore and understand and value each other's thoughts.  I'm fortunate I am surrounded by people I engage with in respectful dialogue- more so after the election. Before the election it was more about how will we decide who to cast our vote for president.  Which is why I'm not overly surprised by the results.  Certainly based on facebook posts I did think it would go a certain way, I was wrong.  I find this fascinating, I find the reactions and continued pronouncements  fascinating.  I appreciate the conversations and posts when they are respectful and kind.

I hope you will not make assumptions as to how I've casted my votes.  Don't think because I'm a woman, a daughter of a republican and a democrat/now republican, the signs in my yard (only one this year),  my higher education work place I voted a certain way.  

Note that I do say votes. We had many votes to cast on election day and I took them all seriously.  I did research and had discussions with close friends and family.  I got upset and disappointed, frustrated and pleased.  I voted for friends who I am so grateful are willing to serve.  I recognized I couldn't always come to a clear answer and did my best.

As we process post election results I continue to be fascinated. I'm also reminded of how grateful I am for our church.  Karen's sermon on Sunday was wonderful.  I cried through a great deal of it.  I also cried when I took in the sight of all three of our kids singing in the choirs with one gorgeous moving anthem!  Karen's sermon will be here soon:  I'm also grateful Denison and the support and engagement opportunities provided not just for students, but staff, faculty and community. Tonight we gathered to talk and listen.  There were many take aways and I valued and was...yes...fascinated by all the views and information shared....the one that I hold close is the need for the world to love more, to listen more, to talk one on be in relationship with one another more. This is what we do at Denison and I'm proud to be supporting it with my work and be part of it.  I look forward to listening to you. Life on Newark -Granville Road wants to understand and support all sides and views and hear what fascinates you.

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