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Monday, November 21, 2016

enjoying the bounty...harvest from a Blog....

Yesterday was just a lovely day all around and much of it was around food.  Sounds like the perfect way to kick-off Thanksgiving week!  The good news part of the day included coaching for our new (for us) rowing machine!  The time has come to have indoor exercise available and we went with a the rowing option.  No doubt I'll blog about the whys of that...but for now...back to the food!

Licking Eats:  I posted about this last week and I'm back to share some more details and another post from me:  about my Thursday lunch treat with a walk down memory lane....The Draft House burger is a my taste of paradise!  But Licking Eats provided many other delicious moments....we had a delivery from The Newark Cookie Jar! YUM!  Supporting a working Mom's entreprnural efforts was the spark and I'm glad we did.  BIG delicious, flavorful, really home made cookies were delivered to our door, in cute packaging to boot!  Then last night we took in the kitchen take over at Three Tigers and enjoyed Steamroller Bagels.  Now if I can get back there for brunch it will be a trifecta!  What was the first fecta- the tequila drink Scott made me as we waited for our table at Day Y Noche where I was getting my long awaited Cucumber Margarettia on Friday night!

My bountiful day also included two church services and feeding the hungry- teenagers at church breakfast.  Clare opted for the Jolly Pirate donuts offering that we enhanced with sausage and fruit salad...sing along..yummy-yummy!  Not to mention it was cake Sunday this is what our kids call New Member Sundays as cake is served to welcome members.

The Thanksgiving Farmers Market was a bit chilly but helped make preparing for Thanksgiving week on Newark-Granville all the more fun and festive.  The Brussels Sprout trees are in place...and we're even doing a bit of pre-prep work to get ready for the big C...but our life on NG focus' on the bounty we are so blessed to have and our gratitude.  C will be here soon enough and we'll celebrate but after Thursday.  Have a great week and holiday- I hope to see you trotting down Newark-Granville Road for the Turkey Trot!!

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