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Friday, November 11, 2016

November 11.....a day of gratitude...

Thank you Mother certainly care for me warm sunshine days while I visited the San Fransisco Bay Area!  I drove Highway 1 between two visits (Mills Valley- never had been there and Menlo Park) the ocean glistened and sparkled!  Each morning I woke up and walked the marina of Berkeley looking out over the Golden Gate Bridge and SF Skyline- no fog- more sparkles and peaceful warmth.  I soaked in the damp air while watching the sunset over the same dappled horizon- amazing beauty all around out there.   And thank you for a brisk morning filled with sunshine to welcome me home, help me embrace the Fall and the holiday the end of November brings.  I just have not been in much of a fall mode....I think it is finally changing.

Much happened my week away in micro and macro ways in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  I've been an observer for the most part on all fronts. I reflect with gratitude, I know my blessings. More to share later, I'm not quite ready to reflect out loud.  I'm truly fascinated by the election results and benefited from time with NPR in the car yesterday. I appreciated the various perspectives they shared, from Political Science professors and many from liberal arts colleges!  I drove a total of 271 miles between meetings in the Bay.  All worth it- I like to drive and explore and I so value the opportunity I have to engage with parent volunteers and donors.  My in person conversations and engagement around the election were all lovely, respectful, mature.  I understand why some will do away with Facebook and other social media.  I have many mixed feelings about the press as well right now.  I do know I return to Newark-Granville Road all the more committed to the liberal arts education, to what Denison provides the world- I can share that! 

Family time this morning and more tonight- hooray!  Time to catch-up on our transition time with fall/winter sports and being together- family dinner tonight!  Time to head up the hill and see my desk and end the week and prep for what is next.  We also will honor and celebrate and thank Veterans today, in a special way at Denison:  Join me if you would like I'll be there....another opportunity to reflect and be grateful.  I have so many reasons to do so in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  I recognize today I can type this and say this because of those veterans.  Thank you.

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