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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Broken Ankle Diaries- Feb 1

Feb 1st brought surgery.  If this was a TV show, the caption would day earlier and you'd learn about...the 2 and half hour MRI revealing no damage to soft tissue giving the surgeon focus and direction.  The decision that the insertion of pins to ensure growth and strength was the path.  This provides me security as I am mobile, climbing stairs to bed or into the house or ??  Surgery was scheduled at the North Pointe Surgery Suites in Zanesville at 9:30 am, 8 am arrival.   (Note the good news is a few days prior we learned we know the CEO and were quite comfortable with this decision.)   Work on Monday was good.  Although I've had discomfort at night, day time ankle has felt good- maybe the distraction and setting of work- I do elevate while sitting at a desk on the 1st floor of Beth Eden.  Also it felt good getting work planned if surgery took/takes me away from work for an extended time.  A bonus was a great training with a great group of Denison employees!   Training about relationships...a future blog- that good!  I arrived home energized and ready for the plan to be executed.  I enjoyed "nesting" and catching up a with a dear friend that stopped by.  Joe's travel went well and he caught the earlier flight so we all were able to go to bed at a reasonable time to welcome February.

So now- February 1st- post surgery.  I'm amazed how good I feel.  The nurse shared about the option of a nerve block to help recovery- I knew nothing.  When I arrived my good fortune was to be greeted by the anesthesiologist (who I know) and then took me through options.  He was committed to reducing nausea and improving my experience with pain.  He had me at reduce use of opioides.  After reading the Dreamland book and going back to my parents understanding and approach of caution, I'm reserved in my own use.  I'm not saying I do use, but sparingly with a plan.  All went very well.  We were home by 11:30 am- picking up tea for me on the drive.  Since I could not have breakfast I admit I was hungry.  I made it to my comfy couch, enjoyed a homemade muffin and took a nap.  I woke up, snacked on yummy veggies, drank some water and took another nap.  Yes I texted and reached out to a few folks.  When I rallied and felt more like myself than I thought Joe and I debriefed.  I don't recall the conversation post surgery- which is why they require accompaniment.  He showed me the paperwork and took me through my plan.  I'm in a boot, I'll check the bandage in 3 days, I'll be able to shower soon with keeping the ankle dry, seeing the doctor in 10 days, able to get out with care, not putting weight on the ankle/boot so I continue to be so grateful for the scooter and all the help and care!   This is now and it is good.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow when the block wears off.  I'm committed to staying home and resting, elevating. One day, one step (ha-ha) at a time.

So what else is going on, what else do I want to share.  I know my silver lining can be annoying but I can't help it.  I am finding happy moments here.  Tonight working with Peter on Shakespeare was fun. I learned/reviewed and helped him.  Last night he was very concerned about working on Shakespeare. He emailed a teacher and she helped him and he reviewed and we worked on the review. I enjoyed catching up with the friend and her son that delivered dinner. I enjoyed dinner made by others and watching my family eat very well.  We enjoyed a day with out the dog so people can come and go. I'm caught up on This is U- more episode. Episode I've heard is pretty darn good. I'm very impressed with this show and the writing, story lines, acting, characters, message. It is timely and applies to many components of my life- friends, facebook posts, thoughts on parenting, being a daughter, sibling,  Timely...yes I'm watching and thinking because I can.

Broken Ankle Diary- yes, I'm grateful for the time and who and what is with me during this time. I'm grateful for the science, technolgy, GREAT medical staff- docs to nurses. Thanks for the care, prayers, support, texts, food, flowers, love.  Joe is awesome.  He went to Clare's game, then took Sally to a panel at Denison I wanted to attend.  He loved it and he came home and shared highlights with me.  I received a text photo of Sally and Joe there. I received updates on the game. I kissed all my kids goodnight and will head to bed.  I know something could of gone wrong today. I know the fall could of been worse.  I'm supposed to be on this couch, taking in the world from this view and I thank you for sharing this time on in my life on Newark-Granville life with me.

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