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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chivarly is alive and well in Granville and I'm grateful.

"We get the chance to see the beautiful night sky" said the gentleman waiting with me for the jumper cables to arrive at Raccoon Valley Park. Two very kind, very patient men didn't leave me stranded after I left my keys in the ignition, draining the battery.  Gentleman number one immediately came to my rescue asking everyone at soccer practice pick up if they had jumper cables.  So many people took the time to look and I thank you all.   Gentleman number two remained to assist which was very appreciated as well.   It took a full hour for Joe to step in, divert his plans, go pick up the kids on time at the CC pasta party, drop off another child, return home to get the cables and come to the rescue at RVP. Three kids and three adults found ways to pass the time.  It was a beautiful sky to watch unfold, the fresh air was lovely and I reflect on the wonderful spirit all maintained- kids played soccer in the dark, read by the headlight and shared snacks fortunately procured before practice!!  Joe arrived and quickly the car started with help by the wonderful men showcasing chivalry that indeed makes life on Newark-Granville Road so wonderful.

I must add that my life on Newark-Granville Road often sees this chivalry by gentleman number one.  There have been many times he has been traveling on Newark-Granville Road and seen our family in need and he stops to help.  I hated to admit this evening that I needed help. I didn't want to inconvenience and delay anyone from getting home.  But I know to ask for help- it is the only way my life on Newark-Granville Road works and I knew this gentleman would help as best he could. What I also witnesses was he asked for help- he was the one asking the other parents in the lot tonight for the jumper cables.  

What I also so value in this gentleman's support is the role model he serves for not only his own children, but the others around us tonight and my own.  On drive home with my three kids from RVP our discussion included praise for the helpers and why we serve one another, support one another.  Often need happens when we don't have the time, or have plans or are ready to be home or somewhere else.  The gentleman helping tonight- Joe included- easily could of left me on my own, given me a ride and left it to tomorrow- but they did not.  They all performed a gallant deed to assist me so I am able to sit comfortably on Newark-Granville Road and tuck my children to bed.  I'm indeed very grateful for such care in our community.

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