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Sunday, September 21, 2014

preparing to welcome fall!

**** I was typing this blog thinking today was the Autumn Equinox- I am wrong- tomorrow is the last day of summer/ first day of fall:  Time to edit…..***

I love the Granville Farmer's Market for many reasons.  We all have our favorite spots - for us a weekend treat is the Farmer's Market BLT and regular blog readers know this. This weekend  Organic Fix- a green smoothie- hit the spot, Clare was delighted with woopie pies for her dessert and red raspberries far different than the store bought cross country morning fuel.  I found a new fall favorite from the market- pumpkin branches! They also are referred to as pumpkin on a stick.  It was just what I needed to pull out the fall decorations for our house on Newark-Granville Road!   More details on these cool pumpkin variation- read to find out that it is not really a pumpkin at all, not even a gourd.

Since Fall arrives soon September 22- our dinner time discussion debated- is it the last day of summer or the first day of fall?  Since I love summer I'll say the last day of summer.  But I'm ready for fall- more so than ever!!  So why am I in an autumn mood these days?  Devine Farms opened today and we look forward to a visit there. I'll be on the farm this week- facilitating Soy Science-a nice change of pace for me and a way to return the favor of support to the education team!! HATSOFF was early this year so I'm in a good place to welcome fall.  

I'm hosting our Columbus friends- our dinner club next week and have made the theme- you guessed it- autumn favorites.  I'll roast pork with vegetables and look forward to my friends that cook well interpretations.  We're thinking of Clare's birthday- next week- October is a good Fall month to me.  Life on Newark-Granville Road is ready for the next season and the pleasures it bring!  I'll post The Works' Glass Pumpkin Patch date soon- but know the Gear/Gift shop has some very pretty and unique ones waiting for you.

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