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Sunday, September 14, 2014

the moments that matter….HATSOFF!

Amazing gifts of very special moments is what HATSOFF! has given my life on Newark-Granville Road this year….there is no way I'm going to capture them all in this blog entry today.  I'm too tired, happy, relieved, excited, mellow all mixed up at one time.  Of course I'm thrilled with the results sitting here on a Sunday morning with the museum back in order and the tentative count showing an exceeded goal. This means we continue to support this incredible community in creative, hands-on, fun ways that celebrate our rich history to prepare the future!!

Truly a smile comes to my face when I recall the special occurances I shared and witnessed including…..the aha moment watching the tent's corrugated chandeliers be hoisted to the ceiling- amazing volunteer engineering and teamwork represented there!!  The vision becoming reality room by room in the museum- I'm in awe of Emily Wilson- she see's it and makes it happen- hands on, easy going, energetic and fun!  The bar evolving from pieces of wood to a magestic peirod setting decor- science, art and history rolled into one!! The designer tables delighting all that laid eyes in the tent one by one on Saturday morning!! Dan Wilson, Michael Kennedy and lots and lots of helpers produced new and gorgeous results for 2014 making for a magical honor to the past.

It can't happen without donations- lots and lots- big and small!! Matt Miller took sponsorship to a whole new level and supported by team leaders Courtney and Erin that broke all records!  We brainstormed ideas and by day's end the best auction items were committed- wow!  Courtney brought in donors far and wide and delighted all our shoppers!!  I wasn't there but a special moment for me was hearing a fellow committee member sing Erin's praises as she recruited the help of fellow golfers and pro to help make the wall of wine the best it could be!!  Danielle and I have many many HATSOFF! moments and she is a crital foundation to this important and special event!

Pat and Linda Jeffries accepted their role of Emerita Chairs and I'm so grateful- two years ago they declared 2012 would be the biggest and best and showed us how.  Emily and Dan watched and applied the lessons and benefited from the encouragement and leadership- 2014 is now the biggest and best.  I cannot more grateful to Dan and Emily for accepting the role and executing their vision so beautifully.  I'm thinking back on the moments in meetings, conversations at the bar, in the back yard, kitchen, in the drive way at the Wilson's home and smiling.  It has been so much fun on top of it all. 

There are soooo many other people to thank- the program tried to do that- I'll share the link there soon. Moments for gratitude include the positive happy off duty officer guarding the tent Friday night and entertaining the incredible volunteers making napkin roses, the friends that engaged and assisted in large and small ways- providing music, selling chance items with such care and commitment.  My time with the team producing the videos, the donors being interviewed, the ah-ha moment with the intern and her industrialist card of Rinehart Scheidler!!  I'll stop for now….please share some of the moments with the Newark Advocate gallery, facebook, etc…..I'm sitting here on Newark-Granville Road savoring each moment!!

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