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Monday, September 15, 2014

happy moments continue on Newark-Granville Road!

And many other moments captured by the Works Marketing Director- Suzanne- she has quite the eye!! I am enjoying the moments of interacting with these photos- a text was sent to me that delighted me, a friend showed me a darling picture of a wonderful couple, Dan Wilson told me his favorite was the volunteer meeting- Suzanne was everywhere!  What were your favorites and thoughts- please share!! I'm sitting in my cozy desk spot at home reliving the fun people and elegant decor thanks to flikr and Suzanne's effort to load these for us!!

Tonight is family dinner night- again!!! I cooked the tried and true favorite in our lives on Newark-Granville Road….regular readers know- salmon cakes, mac n cheese, stewed tomatoes and fresh broccoli!  It always make me smile that this is something all 3 kids eat and request!  I've never ordered these out, or had them made by anyone else- these are pure Jeanne Stoner kitchen basic.

Another happy family moment for me today on Newark-Granville Road was getting Sally off the bus, picking up the kids from cross country! We even included Griffey to provide quality time since he went to a sleep over this past weekend!!

It is a lovely day on Newark-Granville Road- cool crisp air, walking destinations (we went to see the new bridge progress) dinner aroma from the oven and a good tired from successful happy work.

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