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Sunday, September 7, 2014

chocolate cake with a little help from friends…..

An easy thing for me to offer auctions is a Hershey's Double Chocolate Cake. I found the recipe in a Hershey's Chocolate cook book that I really love.  It is now sticky on the pages with the most beloved desserts in our family.  I get compliments on this cake so a few years ago I offered it for an auction to support mammograms in our community for women in need.  I'm asked to repeat the donation and I'm honored.  The call came a month or so ago - the cake was "won" at the auction and could I have it for her the morning of Sept 7th.  So yesterday I baked the cake, and this morning I frosted it.  Delivery before church.

Not surprising life on Newark-Granville Road is busy- yesterday was lovely with cross country meet in Pataskala and then soccer at Easton.  I loved taking in 2 of my three children's activities- they all did really well!  I'm afraid I neglected to take stock of my egg situation and when I went to bake the cakes I short one egg.  No fear- a text to a dear friend and the egg was delivered in moments!  LOVE life on Newark-Granville Road.

Well when baking a favorite chocolate cake the kids wonder why it isn't for them…in fact Sally was somewhat confused I was baking a cake- no one's birthday this week. So I set out to make another cake- however I had to find a recipe without eggs.  I turned to my friend- the internet! And she didn't disappoint - a simple pan cake that was the perfect top to my wonderful evening.

Lots of other things going on these days…but a little chocolate cake and supporting a cause is a great start to the week.  I hope yours is wonderful.

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