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Sunday, September 28, 2014

quality time with quality people...

Full weekend- even I can admit that I overbooked myself this weekend- but I wouldn't change a thing!  Here is the recap for the record books…..

Friday- Denison Big Red Weekend Networking Event.  I was honored to be asked to sit in to share advice and encouragement to students thinking of career options beyond their 4 years at an awesome liberal arts college on the hill!  I enjoyed the other alums/staff in the room and the eager talented students that joined the session on careers in the arts.  Joe and I readied the house for guests on Saturday.  The powder room on the 1st floor is coming together.  Kids did a great job tidying up while I was at Denison and that was most appreciated.

Saturday- Golf Golf Baby! We were pleased to be asked to join a golf outing raising money for a youth sports organization.  We love our golf partners who invited us be on their team and thoroughly enjoyed the time on the course together!! I really think golf could be a happy place for me- bevies, sunshine, fresh air and friends - little exercise mixed in doesn't hurt either!  We were in Mt. Vernon at Chapel Hill- lovely course by the way!

Saturday Night- Dinner Club at our house!!  We've been doing this for 14 years!!  Gathering at one another's homes- host picks the theme, provides bevies and main course.  I went with simple fall and did a pork roast- Ina Garten recipe- with thyme and Dijon mustard.  My club companions didn't disappoint- cheese fondue that was amazing, a delicious and beautiful salad and rustic apple crostata that was scrumptious and presented very well.  Griffey had a nose for it immediately and was a happy puppy when he found a scrap of parchment to lick clean!  It was wonderful to entertain these wonderful devoted friends.  The evening was accompanied by football- a key to fall fun!

Sunday- Clare and I departed early for 25th Reunion Work that included an incredible outing to the Cincinnati Reds game!  I'm so pleased I opted to bring her along as car time with my oldest daughter turning 14 this week was priceless.  We were ahead of schedule and snuck in a quick shopping jaunt at Old Navy. A lovely experience as Clare is pretty classic and easy to shop for and with- not sure how long it will last but I cherish it.  Then I introduced my grown up daughter to college roommie Lori and her family. Lori hadn't seen Clare since she was a toddler.  I loved seeing her kids again and  her wonderful husband I missed the last trip to Cinci.  We did our catch-ups and then headed into town for the Reds game that included reunion planning work!!  Our classmate treated us like queens in the Queen City and to top it off Clare met Pete Rose.  I learned to like the Reds at Denison and deepened the relationship when I started dating Joe.  My closet in our Mulford Road home had a poster of the Big Red Machine- so I too was pleased with the chance to shake hands with Mr. Rose.  It was fun to be with Clare in this setting. She appreciates the game and keeps score as well as Joe.  She valued the chance to be included and was a delightful company for all of us.  Good thoughts and ideas were put forth for the 25th and the Reds won- hip hip hooray!

I'm home now and ready to gather with some Granville gals for Sunday TV- the perfect way to wrap up this wonderful weekend on and off of Newark-Granville Road that was filled with quality time with family and friends old and new.

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