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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

bonus-get-away time!

It only may be for just over a day but I'm ready! Yesterday's snow/cold day did it.  I need to get out of town! I'm headed to Cleveland- not going south or sunny- but getting a change of scenery!  Taking a break.  I'm headed to a short seminar on Crowd Sourcing! Woo Hoo!

Yes, my work excites me.  This new way to raise funds fascinates me. I've supported a few projects/people this way and I agree with coworkers- we should use this technique at The Works!  The day we discussed it the seminar appeared to our director and she passed it over to me. The date worked and off I go!  Adding time ahead to meet friends, do a bit of shopping does the sole good too!  We started Monday meeting- admin/planning meeting- with how are we getting some flex time after a full weekend of work.  Mine was- going to Cleveland- woot woot!

I usually don't talk about going out of town on social media/the web.  Joe is home with the kids, amazing Barbara and student sitters are around- lots of coming and going from our home on Newark-Granville Road.  It is one night, one afternoon, and one morning- I'll be back in no time to all our activities and my beloved family.  The chance to get away is something I'm really grateful for in today's life on Newark-Granville Road!

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