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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Keeping the Balance….

It happened again so I have to blog about it…..the beautiful full moon was setting while the sun was rising and it was gorgeous.  I had dog walking duty so I was headed down to the bike path.  What a treat yesterday and then again today to have those light giving orbs in my alignment.  Thanks to yoga and moon and sun salutations I recognized the opportunity presented and the balance reflected in these moments.

If you had seen me- maybe gazing from your window looking over the bike path- you might think I'm a crazy old woman.  It is cold so I bundle up in the full length mink that is the warmest most luxurious garment I own, I put on hat and scarf I can find quicky- not worrying about appearence.  On the snow covered bike path (with some ice) I did a little mini salutation, stretch, homage….it felt great and I'm grateful I was able to start two days in a row this way!

Yoga often provides those morseles of philosophy that are just what I need to hear, reflect on, remember as the busy life moves forward.  With Joe's travel I pull back into family first mode- it is easy to let Joe handle many things with the kids and let work take over….I value the oportunity to drop a child at school, put all 3 in the car to run the shuttle, get dinner together, etc….I love my work and it is a big week, the time with the kids grounds me and I'm grateful.

Life on Newark-Granville Road is busy and beautiful, reminders of all that is before us seen and unseen, are valuable opportunities.  My morning walk with sun and moon for company were occasions for the record books.

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