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Monday, February 23, 2015

NOT A SNOW DAY, smoothies all around….

I had no problem getting up this morning- the kids needed me.  Breakfast on the PARC test day, encouragement on the return to school.  Last week they went one day- 1 holiday, 3 snow/extreme cold days.  Giving up to Mother Nature (or as Sally calls her Mrs. Weather) for making sure the temps were not as cold as last week. Or Mr. Brown for understanding the need to get this learning routine back in gear!

Breakfast for The Leithausers is corn beef hash, smoothies- Joe's birthday gift allows this to happen, oatmeal made stove top with milk, grapefruit- cut in half to be scooped out- fun tool purchased at church holiday sale/grandma's attic- makes this super easy.  I think it was made by Ramco.  Yes Coke is still an option as are sausage patties and links- not to Joe's send off when I was traveling one year of testing long long ago….

So back to the smoothies….we'll keep you posted on the blender.  We did not go with the bullet, Vegemite mixer, or others…when we went to the store I couldn't help but be drawn to the glass pitcher component vs. plastic.  I also liked the price- under 30.00- probably like 29.99.  Yes plastic components and bottom- we'll see how much we really use it.  The last blender I received was in my 20s- great gift from dear friend.  Nice glass pitcher that we used for margaritas- lovely gift- maybe a going away, congrats on a new house gift.  Great idea!  It has been used and loved and worked despite a cracked base.

We'll keep you posted on our progress of recipes too and would love your suggestions.  The kids were so excited to get this blender for Joe's birthday. They love smoothies- smoothies at River Road and various places.  Joe is excited as am I do do some green smoothies.  We bought all sorts of fruit and jumped into smoothie making for Joe's birthday breakfast.  The kids received the"persistent scientist" lesson I've picked up at The Works STEMfest.  We must keep trying and trying- that is science. Smoothies are science.  Sally tasted her strawberry banana blend and said- it tasted like my green smoothies from the farmers market.  It was the banana- she put a whole banana in hers.  Clare did not like the yogurt in hers.  We also learned liquid first, powered, fruit, yogurt, then ice….makes sense-  weight on top- pull in the ice….

Everyone be careful out there with the cold and ice. and what we hope will be a full week week of school in our lives on Newark-Granville Road.

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