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Friday, February 20, 2015

telling the stories- wedding day stories…..

The love to share "the rest of the story" the story behind the photo…what was going on…why what….so today I made sure I told the kids this story.  I use to worry about repeating blog posts, but now I realize if the stories are retold here- so be it- it means it is important enough to share again. I doubt if I'll tell in the exact same way, same context and if I am….maybe it is time to consider my aging process and needs!!  Here is what was happening when this picture was being taken, or just before is the story I want to share.

Before life on Newark-Granville Road was life on 3rd street in Maysville, KY- this is where I lived when I started dating Joe Leithauser and shifted to his finance.  Wedding planning was amazing and fun- a dream come true.  That is its on blog post entirely. One component of a wedding I wanted thanks to Four Weddings and a Funeral- the group picture after the wedding.  All wedding guests in front of the church- capturing the moment.  And that is what I got- barely.  Confident women know what they want and I wanted the picture!

My Dad hired the photographer. We met, agreed to what photos we'd do when.  Weddings/Events are filled with compromise- give and take- mostly between mother and daughter.  I agreed to pictures- formal ones before the wedding, despite the break in tradition of bride and groom seeing one another before the ceremony.  The picture I would not compromise on was the after the wedding group photo. Our wedding was in February- obviously as I type on our anniversary in February.  It was to snow but the radar and forecast improved as the week went on and the visualizing worked- blue skies. Blue crisp skies with very cool temps.  Not as cool as this winter and current temps but below freezing.  So the photographer looked at me post ceremony and said we talked about no picture if rain- did we discuss temps?  I said no- we're doing the picture.

I was a happy bride and post ceremony kept warm with Joe and wedding party in the balcony of the chapel.  It was a bonus as we were able to wave and greet our guests informally this way.  Mom and I were able to see extra guests room needed to be made for at the reception too- bonus!  The wedding guests moved out to the steps in front of the gorgeous mini cathedral at Mercersburg Academy (another blog update why there) and waited for us once all guests exited.  As you can see in the photo-we're pretty pleased.  We were surrounded by friends and family on a wonderful day- and the sun was shining-what wasn't there to be happy about when someone captured that photo.

As I type I feel a deeper joy and gratitude for the love in my life. It has grown and matured, weathered and reproduced. The friends and family around us in the photo are still connected to us making our life on Newark-Granville Road something to celebrate and it is time to do just that…date night for our anniversary!

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