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Thursday, February 19, 2015

time for STEMfest! Don't miss it!

If you want to see the future of our community, want to feel great about youth of today, want to see mentorship in action and the results of…..come to The Works this weekend!! And bonus- this event is free for all- this is the weekend to visit The Works if you are not a member. If you are a member- you too won't want to miss the special activities- you'll be proud to say you are a member!  I was able to see Knox County STEMfest happen and saw all of this goodness and more last weekend.

In downtown Newark middle school and high school students from central Ohio will showcase their solutions to a challenge- a 3D printer challenge, when they create a plastic egg; a solar cell creation; and the very popular toothpick and Elmer's glue bridge/ civic engineering challenge.  Competitions happen on Saturday for Middle School kids from 12-4 and High School Students from 12-4.  Challenges are in the meeting room, 2nd street gallery and the theater.  And for all ages- STEM activities showcasing STEM skills used in the industrial community. Big thanks to Time Warner for sponsoring this event and sharing activities on both days!!

This event doesn't happen without incredible amazing efforts-volunteers, sponsors, staff, advisers, teachers and the kids.  Seeing kids in action, this excited about STEM pursuits- it doesn't get much better! Come see it in action.  We don't always get to see teachers in action- STEMfest lets them shine. I watched a teacher have the back up data in her file, anticipating the judges next question and handing it to the student in the nick of time.  Practice makes perfect…well maybe not perfect but it gets you where you need to go- on the playing field and in the laboratory!  On Sunday at 4 STEMfest awards happen- trophies, scholarships and amazing opportunities all for these problem solving days.  The award I personally love is the Persistent Scientist Award.  This award is awesome - this award recognizes students that keep trying, work hard, don't necessarily win or have success but keep trying.  They are nominated by advisers and teachers and then one person is selected to be the winner- the winner of being persistent.  I love this and can't wait to see the final results. This indeed is a case of all those nominated should be honored!

Life on Newark-Granville Road values all that goes into STEMfest and appreciates all those that make STEMfest happen.  I'm proud of the work the team of volunteers, donors and staff offer our community and this weekend is a shining example.  I hope you'll let me know if you are at The Works this weekend so I can point out and share the fun and learning with you.  Please share and tell neighbors, friends, family and coworkers about this free event.

Ohhhh!!! And Taco Sherpa will be on hand to sell you lunch- amazing lunch! And visit the concession stand in the interurban car (aka train in the courtyard) one of the middle school robotic teams is coming to raise funds for their program!!! Another reason to love love love this event/weekend @ The Works! Need another- on Sunday-Columbus College of Art and Design is bringing their student designed airstream!!  See details here: /


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